Lake Management Development, Wildlife Management, Fisheries Management Lake Management Development, Wildlife Management, Fisheries Management
July 24, 2024   
Lake Management Development, Wildlife Management, Fisheries Management

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Scroll down this page to see the latest examples of the work we have completed and work that is in progress. 


Channel catfish
      Channel catfish swarm one of our fish feeders
      Warm-season Grasses
8' Truax Grass Drill
      Designed for planting fluffy native grass seeds
Aeration system
      Installation of aeration system to keep water open
Catfish Stocking
      from the hauling tank into a Midwest farm pond
White Perch Control
      biologists use an electro-fishing boat
Pond planning
      helps boost a new fishery
      need extra protection from erosion
New pond banks
      need erosion protection
Fish surveys
      conducted in low-light conditions
Nice Missouri Catfish
      twelve-pound channel catfish
Walleye management and research
      walleye study for a 160-acre sandpit
Stream restoration and erosion control
      Fascines used for stream restoration project
Big bluegill
      lake management program = bigger, better fish
Natural landscapes
      add beauty and value to acreage
Pre-construction pond consultation is invaluable.
      pond washes out a driveway and county road
Shoreline rehabilitation project
      3 phases of project
Wetland restoration
      Adams Park
Fish Habitat and Artificial Structures
NHUI Biologists
      Unload Boat In NW Missouri Pond
Fish Population Renovation
      Common Carp Management
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